Spam Filter - Spam Bully for Outlook

Spam Filter is a sophisticated spam solution with the following features. Sophisticated spam filter. (Filters over 99% of spam) Spam Bully uses a sophisticated spam filter based on over 35,000 spam messages. It then uses a self learning filter which learns from every new message received and sent enabling it to conform to your email habits. Bounces messages from known spammers. Auto bounce known spam messages, so over time you are automatically removed from many spam lists. Spammers think they no longer have a valid email address and will remove you and stop trading your address with other spammers. Query questionable emails. For email messages that SpamBully can't determine if they are legitimate, it will send out a special message with a unique password in it. Since most spammers use automated systems, they will not respond to this message. However, a legitimate email user will respond and correctly input the password. Friends/Spammers List Protection. Spam Bully also has a Friends/Spammers list so it doesn't accidentally block emails from known friends. It also automatically blocks any spammers who have sent you spam in the past. Attachment Blocking. (provides virus protection) We've also added attachment blocking which helps to prevent the spread of viruses. Compatible with Outlook 2000, XP, 2002. Other email versions also available. Spam Bully is compatible with any pop3 mail program. There is no need to learn a new email program. Regardless of what email program you use, Spam Bully will work with it. If you use Outlook we have designed a special version of spambully that completely integrates with Outlook. Comprehensive spam reporting graphs. The reporting feature allows you to see exactly how effective Spam Bully is for you. It provides you with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly graphs of its spam fighting activities. Fully customizable to your individual needs. Almost every feature is fully customizable so you can adjust Spam Bully to suit your own needs.(SFSBCB)

Download Spam Filter - Spam Bully for Outlook

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Download Spam Filter - Spam Bully for Outlook

Publisher: SpamFilterInfo

Size: 3.07 MB

OS: Win98,WinME,WinXP,Win2000, Win2003

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